Sammy Says

This month $ammy $ays why not make a few dollars while having fun. Have you ever wondered how you could make extra money for things you need or want and enjoy yourself at the same time? With the real estate market on the decline and the stock market flipping back and forth have you wondered how or where to invest? Have you ever considered a classic car? My 40 years of research and experience has shown that investing in a classic car provides the highest return on your investment. Now I am aware what investment experts say about there not being any such thing as a return of more than 11%. But it's obvious that the person who made that statement was not aware of this market. From my own experience I have found that the average return on investment is between 10 and 20%. Your just not going to get that kind of return anywhere else in this day and age not even from gold!

After investing in a classic car, not only have you done something to improve your financial future, you have created a fun hobby you can enjoy with your entire family. This kind of investing is worry free because it allows you to be in contact with, to see and feel your investment. Investing in a classic allows you to be in control of your investment. You can keep track of its current value on your own. You can easily use the internet, or even just watch a classic car auction on T.V (we are also considering starting our own auction) and to me thats alot more fun than watching the stock exchange!

Thank You for taking the time to read this months $ammy $ays!
By: Sammy Nasser
1982 Corvette Collectors Edition, One owner, EVERYTHING original, Numbers matching!
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